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Air Freight to/from Philippines to UK

Shipping to and from Philippines has grown exponentially over the last 20 years and by having our own direct services to and from every port and airport in Philippines we can ensure we can offer you the most efficient transit times at the best price.

Mannson Freight Services are considered as market experts when it come to shipping to and from Philippines . We have an extensive, loyal customer base, consisting of numerous direct importers/exporters as well as a large number of other freight forwarders. Our relationship with all our customers is key and we pride ourselves on our excellent communication and information services we provide.

Types of Air Freight Shipping

Consolidated Freight or “Consol”

Much the same as with sea freight consolidation, this is the more affordable way of shipping your goods by air to and from Philippines. It means the air cargo will be loaded together with a number of other consignments under one airline master air waybill with separate individual house air waybills. This reduces / spreads the costs. It is a benefit if you only have a small amount of cargo to transport. The transit time is around 5-7 days door to door. Consolidations are usually twice a week as it is important to build up enough volume for the same destination to achieve maximum benefits for our clients.

Back to Back or Direct Services

Back to back service means that your consignments will be shipped alone under one House Airwaybill and one Master Airwaybill. The benefit of this is that for most destinations flights will be daily as you do not need to wait for other people’s goods to form a consolidation. For smaller shipments this can mean higher prices compared against consolidation air shipping, however for larger consignments you can usually achieve equilibrium with consolidation pricing.


Freighter aircraft are used to move larger items (usually over 1.55 - 1.60m high) which can not fit into the cargo hold of conventional / passenger flights. The costs is usually higher than both consolidation air freight and back to back air freight and the goods will usually tranship at a hub en route soi transit time can be longer.

Price of Air Freight to/from Philippines to UK

Air Freight pricing is of course intended for urgent shipments and are shipped on a much faster and more expensive to run mode of transport with much smaller cargo capacity than sea freight shipments, therefore the cost is usually higher. However for some small shipments it can work out similar cost for air and sea freight due to minimum charges for sea freight shipments. It is worth comparing pricing on sea and air shipments up to 300kg/2m3, especially if moving on a door to door basis where you will hit more set charges for shipping by sea.

Your price to ship good to and from Philippines to the UK is predominantly based on the volumetric weight of your goods. For example airlines could not charge same price for 50kg of steel and 50kg of cotton wool as the cotton wool shipment may well fill the aircraft. Therefore airlines work on a volumetric weight for light weight goods. The way to calculate is to divide the actual volume of your goods (length x width x height in m = m3) by 6. For example if you have 1 pallet 1m x 1m x 1.2m then your shipment actual volume is 1.2m3, divide this by 6 to get to 0.200 which equals volumetric weight of 200kg. If this weight is higher than the actual weight of your goods then the volumetric weight is used to calculate the freight price of your shipment. There can be connotations to this but as a basic rule you can use the this calculation.

The easiest way to obtain an air freight price is to contact us with your cargo details (dimensions in cm and weight in kg) and we can take care of all of this for you. https://mannson.com/importquote.html

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