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Airfreight Shipping From China To The UK

Mannson Freight Services are the go to freight forwarder for providing their own direct services to and from every port in China. We work closely with our trusted agents, to deliver goods in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our customer base is varied from direct importers to other freight forwarders. We are market leaders in shipping from China to the UK and have been for 25 years +.

We have key values and our value added services we provide to all our clients means that the service you will receive by our highly trained staff will be valuable and worth it!

Airfreight Shipping From China To The UK – Why Use Mannson Freight?

This blog will explain why you should ask Mannson Freight to quote on your shipping from China to the UK. Unlike others, our services are operated directly, so there is no third party involvement. Your price will be direct door to door.

Shipping Terms - Airfreight Shipping From China To The UK

This will explain all of the terms you may come across when shipping your goods from China to the UK. {URL PAGE Name – China} https://mannson.com/blog/how-do-i-ship.htmlhttps://mannson.com/blog/shipping-from-china.html

Airfreight Shipping From China To The UK – Shipping Documentation

This blog has been one of our most viewed showing that people need to be clearer about what each document mean and what is entailed. Bills of Lading, Telex Releases & Sea Way Bills are all different so it is important that you understand the difference if you are shipping from China to the UK:-https://mannson.com/blog/bills-of-lading.html

Airfreight Shipping From China To The UK – How Do I Ship My Goods? CIF & CFR Meanings.

We have provided and explanation of these terms for you. This includes the destination charges you may be expected to pay at arrival of your goods. When it comes to customs clearance and paying your duties and taxes, we can help you with this. Please take a look at this page for more information:

Our network of freight agents and range of freight services make us the perfect choice for your international logistics.