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How do I Ship to Amazon FBA?

Why Use Amazon FBA? What does FBA mean?

Shipping to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is increasingly popular as more global traders seek to sell their goods across the globe on the worlds largest market place. There are a few minor hurdles that you have to overcome and with Mannson freight Services Ltd being experts in delivering to Amazon FBA we are happy to assist you.

Amazon and EORI/Duties and VAT

With Amazon being a market place for your to sell your goods in the UK as opposed to an end use themselves they will not allow you to use their EORI number to enter goods through UK Customs, nor will they beat the duty and tax (VAT) charges. However do not fear as it is very simple now for an overseas trader to apply for their own UK EORI number online and the process usually takes only 3-4 working days. Watch this short clip to tell you How to Get An EORI Number

Paying for Duties and VAT

As for paying the duties and taxes we are able to assist with this process by paying HMRC on your behalf. We can calculate the duties and taxes shortly before the vessel / flight arrives in UK and give you the figures to make payment to us so that we can in turn pay to HMRC using our deferment account with Customs.

What Is A Deferment Account?

A deferment account is simply an account with HMRC where they can deduct duties and taxes directly from this account at tie of clearance of goods.

Packing for Amazon FBA

Another consideration is packing. Amazon FBA depots in UK are very strict with pallet types and dimensions and will reject any deliveries that don't meet the criteria. Amazon will of course advise you of the full packing specifications at time of you placing your order. We are aware that palletising shipments at origin can be expensive as you must use treated pallets (to ISPM 15 standard) for shipping to UK, also pallets take up additional room in FCL or for LCL shipping and that means higher freight costs.

How Can I Make Sure My Packing Meets The Amazon Criteria?

We can assist you by palletizing and wrapping goods to Amazon FBA specifications on arrival at UK port as well as labelling pallets.

Full Containers Amazon FBA - Guidelines

Remember that if you do load a full container with palletised goods for delivery directly to an Amazon FBA depot you must leave specific room between the last pallet loaded and the container doors to allow for Amazon FBA depot to get container onto loading bays and attach dock leveller safely. Again all of this information can be found in the information that Amazon will send to you. We have a system for booking pallets and full container deliveries with Amazon depots adhering to their strict time slots and full booking procedures.

If you wish to obtain a quotation for our services relating to Amazon FBA deliveries, palletising/labelling, Customs clearance, shipping or any other services please contact sales@mannson.com.