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Middle East Shipping to UK? Ask Mannson Freight

Need Middle East Shipping? Contact Mannson Freight for your Middle East to UK needs.

The air freight industry has recently started (in early 2017) seeing positive signs in Middle East air freight industry, a turn around from a 'stagnant' few years.

Chinese companies being granted spaces in UAE are one such example. This can be found reported here: Abu Dhabi Ports forges ties with Jiangsu province. (article from Lloyds Loading List)

Mannson Freight provide all customers with monthly tariffs covering the following areas in the middle east:

Shipping from Alexandria (old port) to UK
Shipping from Bahrain to UK
Shipping from Beirut to UK
Shipping from Doha to UK
Shipping from Dubai to UK
Shipping from Jeddah to UK
Shipping from Kuwait to UK

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