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How Long does it take to ship goods from India to UK?

We are often asked how long does it take for Mannson Freight to ship my goods from India to the uk. The good news is that we are ahead of the pack with our transit times from India to YUK. The reason behind this is that we have been developing services in India for the past 15 years with very strong partners and now load most containers from India on a direct / sealed basis all the way from the Customs depot in India to the Customs depot in UK.

What are the transit times from India to UK?

Due to this we are able to achieve very goods transit times and avoid re-handling the cargo by avoiding unpacking containers and re-loading into final destination containers at busy transhipment hubs. Our transit times from Indian main ports are as below at the time of this blog:

Mumbai 22 days, Delhi 25 days, Kolkata 35 days, Chennai 24 days, Tuticorin 28 days, Mundra, 17 days...

What If My Shipment From India to UK Is Urgent?

If you have urgent goods and require air freight services then the transit time can be dramatically reduced, all be it with a higher shipping costs attached. The transit time for air freight door to door can be as quick as 4-5 day's.

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