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What is an EORI Number?

What is an EORI Number?

To import goods into the UK on a commercial basis every company or sole trader must first apply for an EORI number. Without an EORI number issued by HMRC it is not possible for goods being imported on a commercial basis to be Customs Cleared on arrival at UK port / airport. No EORI = No Custom Clearance.

A Bit of EORI History

In day's gone by HMRC used to track movements of goods by using importers / exporters VAT numbers, which the shipping agent would put into the Customs system. However those who were not VAT registered were simply shown as unregistered which means that HMRC could not see ANY data for many individuals and small businesses.

What does EORI stand for?

EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification. Once you have been issued with an EORI number by HMRC it will be used every time you import or export goods so that HMRC can keep a record of all of your economic cross border movements.

How Do I Get And EORI Number?

Guidelines from the HMRC can be found here. Finding An EORI Number
The application process is very simple and quick and will be explained on a further blog from Mannson Freight www.mannson.com.
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