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Shipping from Korea

The Republic of Korea is one of the main Asian Tiger Economies and is still a large player in both export and import markets with a high level of trade with the U.K. and other European partners. The main port for both South Korean import and export activities is Busan (also known as Pusan) which is situated on the South Eastern tip of the Korean Peninsular. Busan is also the second largest city of South Korea with very good rail and road links to the capital Seoul.

South Korea has a population close to 50 million and the estimated GDP is US$ 1.5 trillion a year.

Mannson Freight Services are ready to assist clients with our varied products (including LCL sea Freight, FCL sea Freight and air freight) between the UK and Korea.

Some of Koreas largest exports are:

  • Shipping Electronic Equipment

  • Shipping freight from Bangalore

  • Shipping Vehicles

  • Shipping Machines, Engines, Pumps

  • Shipping Medical and Technical Equipment

  • Shipping Plastics

  • Shipping Iron and Steel

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