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Road Freight Services from Mannson Freight Ltd

We offer import and export road transport all over Europe. We can provide a FTL and LTL services.

What is FTL?

This stands for Full Truck Load and it is used when you have enough goods to full a trailer or you choose for your goods to be transported this way. This is ideal for larger shipments, or if you do not wish for your goods to be stopped, unpacked and repacked on a number of occasions. You may also wish for your good to arrive without delay.

What is LTL?

This stands for Less Than Truck Load..and is for part fill of a trailer. This may mean your goods travel on a trailer with other people’s cargo. This is a more cost effective way of transporting goods for the small/medium sized businesses.

Payment would be made based on the amount of space your goods are using and the length of the travel.

It is worth noting that LTL shipment may make multiple stops to unpack and repack goods. Whilst the transit time will be longer the cost will be significantly lower.

Mannson Freight can quote you directly for both of these services, ensuring that either FTL or LTL, that your freight will arrive on time with minimal delay.

Some other points to consider when using road freight services:

When you require the goods at the destination?
Dimensions of your shipment?
How it will be packed?
Weight of your goods?
Is it temperature sensitive?