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Shipping from Sri Lanka

Colombo is the throbbing heart of Sri Lanka and also the centre for most air freight and sea freight activity in the region. Mannson Freight Services can assist you with both sea freight and air freight between Sri Lanka and the UK. We run our own consolidation services to / from Sri Lanka.

There is a wide variety of trade between Sri Lanka and the UK and some of the most common freight movements are listed below.

Some of the main imports from Sri Lanka to UK are:

  • Shipping Apparel

  • Shipping Textile Goods

  • Shipping Tea

  • Shipping Rice

  • Shipping Spices

  • Shipping Jewellery

  • Shipping Coconut Products

  • Shipping freight Ceramics

  • Shipping Porcelain

  • Shipping Electronics

  • Shipping Plastic Products

  • Shipping Footwear

  • Shipping Toys

  • Shipping Handloom Products

  • Shipping Handicrafts

Some of the main exports from UK to Sri Lanka are:

  • Shipping Aircraft Parts

  • Shipping Machinery

  • >Shipping Engineered Parts

  • Shipping Iron or Steel

  • Shipping paper or paper board

  • Shipping Pharmaceutical Products

  • Shipping Mad Made Fibres

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